Thank you very much for your interest! It is greatly appreciated
To purchase prints please fill in the Message on the Contact Page including your contact details, delivery location, and details of the image (Gallery & title), size and paper. If I can contact you via WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook Messenger then please include those details.

Print costs vary according to the size, the finish and the postage costs

Size: When you are considering what size print you want you will need to consider if you plan to block mount or frame the print. If you will be framing it what size mount will surround the print and what size do you want the finished frame.

Finish: Different images work best with different finishes, if you have a preference please include details or I can provide my recommendation based on the image and the effect you want to achieve.

Paper: Options include regular photographic paper (silk lustre) or fine art photographic paper (photo rag texture print, photo rag matte print or metallic pearl photo print). You can read more about the different papers here.

Canvas: Canvas prints are also available. Un-stretched canvas prints are much easier and less costly to print.

Postage Costs will vary according to your location and the size of the order. Indicative prices below do not include postage costs.

You will receive a customised quote from me but indicative prices are quoted below.

Most images are a 3:2 ratio (either landscape or portrait) and some indicative prices are:
20cm x 30cm print - $75 on fine art photographic paper, $40 on silk lustre paper, $90 stretched canvas
40cm x 60cm print - $125 on fine art photographic paper, $80 on silk lustre paper, $160 stretched canvas
80cm x 120cm print - $250 on fine art photographic paper, $160 on silk lustre paper, $500 stretched canvas

Panorama prints also have variable ratios. At a 3:1 ratio the indicative prices are: 
20cm x 60cm print - $100 on fine art photographic paper, $60 on silk lustre paper
40cm x 120cm print - $220 on fine art photographic paper, $120 on silk lustre paper, $400 stretched canvas
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